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    The Gaming Thread

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm enjoying RE8 a lot so far. :)
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    The Gaming Thread

    One of our main tech shops had limited stock 3 times in the last 3 months. They announced it in advance so I was able to get mine on time. :)
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    Sinead O'Connor ‎– Troy (The Phoenix From The Flame) (2002)

    Push Remix is 10/10. Amazing track.
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    The Gaming Thread

    Bought a PS5 a while ago and currently playing Resident Evil Village. Pretty nice so far.
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    OUT John OO Fleming & Fuenka - Corruption (Chapter 3) [JOOF Recordings]

    Yeah, I like this one. Definitely the best one in the series for me and one of the better JOOF tracks in recent memory.
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    Jam El Mar - Accelerate EP [Jam El Mar REC]

    The Orange Flight is VERY nice. The first one isn't that bad to my ears, tho. I think it's ok.
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    OUT The Digital Blonde - N3ON [JOOF Recordings]

    Love the album. Even though I'm a fanboy, I think sometimes TDB's tracks don't justify their length, but here with most tracks you don't even realize how long they are, because how good they flow. I also agree it's more diverse than the previous Neons. Balerika, Age Of Confusion, Synthdrive...
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    Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - TBA [Artist Album]

    Liking all of them, but especially Air Brake. Nice stuff.
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    MIKE Push vs The Thrillseekers - which style of Trance do you prefer?

    MIKE, no contest at all for me. The Thrillseekers produced some mega classics, but MIKE's discography is on another level.
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    OUT The Digital Blonde - N3ON [JOOF Recordings]

    Maybe not 140+, but he's still producing 135-140 on a quite regular basis. Both previous Neon albums had at least a few higher bpm tracks, plus there were quite a few remixes in the last couple years around 138.
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    Raytheon - Blade Run [2012]

    I remember being blown away when I first found this one. Still holds up. Fantastic track.
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    OUT The Digital Blonde - N3ON [JOOF Recordings]

    Sounds great! Looking forward to N3ON. Hopefully it's a banging conclusion of the trilogy.
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    Salt Tank - Phoenix (Allende Remix) [2015]

    Definitely a top 10 (if not top 5) track of the 2010s for me. One of the few tunes which managed to capture most of what I love about oldschool trance, but in a modern way.
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    OUT 8 Wonders - The Fight For Freedom [A State Of Trance]

    I like it even more now that I hear it in full. That second climax is a really nice touch.