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    OUT Activa & Jennifer Rene - Stranger [Black Hole Recordings]

    Ouch, normally I'm a fan of Rene but in this one her voice simply doesn't work with the foundations of the track (although I do like how she sings Stranger). I think a dub with a bit more acid in the climax and a crescendo arpeggio could be one hell of a track though.
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    OUT Masters & Nickson ft. Justine Suissa - Out There (Sean Tyas Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    Well, talk about a clusterfuck. I'll keep my feedback until I hear the final version, as at first I could not believe this was a Tyas remix.
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    Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    I'm also patiently waiting for the extended vinyl release, but I already know that Fade From View is my pick for TOTY. And it's great to get some trancey breaks (instead of progressive breaks) for a change with Journey Home. Both are future classics no doubt.
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    Benjani – Belvedere (Mac & Monday Remix) [Perfecto]

    HCTS (Tech Mix), Xiphos and Raysa (Intro Mix) are my top 3, with Yoruba and Madagascar remix closing the top 5. I tend to agree that their sound works best at uptempo, but they also have some fantastic slower tracks, like the Deep remix of Icewall. Nevertheless, I think it speaks volume to the...
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    Benjani – Belvedere (Mac & Monday Remix) [Perfecto]

    I have to say the remix is a grower. Been listening to it a couple more times since my initial comment and I'm discovering more elements that I like. Hearing it on a great pair of cans helps though it must be said.
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    Benjani – Belvedere (Mac & Monday Remix) [Perfecto]

    Still no news about the track name, release date, or even label ... I play it a few times a week, it's a fantastic record
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    John Askew - Never Going

    What ever happened to John's policy of never doing vocal tracks?! (Well, at least not femalde vocal ones, since he already released on on Kill The Lights a very long time ago). Either way, the vocal is totally out of place, but I do love the staccato melody in the intro and even the piano one in...
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    Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    That first ID is amazing! The synths would fit perfectly in an early 2000s rave track that you would hear in an Oakie set. And that bouncy baseline with an asymmetrical pattern is something we have not heard in modern trance for quite some time, even though it was all so common in prog trance...
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    The most steroids you've heard in trance

    For me Discover and their slew of new artists at that time (Tyas especially, but also somewhat Askew to some extent and the Irish gang) started the wall of sound. However, productions from the 2006-2009 period, while highly energetic and raw in it's nature, still had a lot of thought put into...
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    The most steroids you've heard in trance

    My pick is UCast - Jump. To be fair, anything done by Photographer, UCast, Harmonic Rush and early Sean Tyas had a unique wall of sound construction so I was and still am a big fan of their tracks. I'd say these are artists that at least brought enough originally to make them stand out.
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    The most steroids you've heard in trance

    Haha, I remember hearing Cerberus that night at Dreamstate. It felt like being in one of those Halloween movies where you know you're next to get brutally killed. The recording has a big hall effect to it though, not the best setting to hear it live.
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    Cosmithex — Polarity (Timewave Remix)

    I have to say when I saw both Cosmithex and Timewave I was expected to be blown away. Sure, you can hear that liquid Timewave sound, and while overall there's a great groove and excellent production, I'm sort of left wanting for more from this track.
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    OUT Basil O'Glue & Nomas - Untold (Incl. Martin LeBlanc Remix) [Pure Trance]

    Remix wins it hands down, the dark groove is appropriated here and the small acid elements make it sound quite raw. Would fit quite well I would say in a Blade Runner movie, the only elements missing are the warm pads to mimic that synth-wave soundscape.
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    OUT Bryan Kearney - Euphoric Recall [FSOE]

    Did I hear a little Exactly sample/inspiration in the first 5 seconds of the track with that subtle acid line??? I like this more than that Key4050 ID also played by GO. There are a few signature elements in this one that at least add a bit of character: the clap, which Bryan always does well...
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    Key4050 - ID [Kearnage]

    First of all, I don't consider this steroids induced trance at all. However, apart from that, this is like one of those minestrone soups. Grab whatever elements that were featured in past Key4050 uplifting tracks, put them together hastily, and end up with an ok result, but not something that...