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    Hello all

    Glad to have you here! Just listened to "Lost In Space" and it is a gem. Hope to hear more music from you in the future :)
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    Goodbye from me

    Damn, with the slashed price, it MUST be a steal!! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Second Nature - Ascension EP

    Thanks, excited to share more music with you guys!
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    Paul Van Dyk feat. Saint Etienne - Tell Me Why (The Riddle) [2000 / Vandit]

    Ahh, I love this track. I played the hell out of his Global CD and this was the 6th track, I think, after "Another Way."
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    Goodbye from me

    Technology detox is very much needed nowadays. Sending you good vibes, always! Take care and I wish you the best, man!
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    Top Video Game OST's, Movie Soundtracks, and Film Scores Thread

    God I loved this game! I think there's a BT song in the soundtrack as well...the drag races were so fun! Awesome high school memories.
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    Second Nature - Ascension EP

    Happy Friday guys! Second track of the EP is now live:
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    ASOT Top 1000 Trance Tracks Of All Time.

    That'll be a fun one to watch everyone goin at it, lol. Where's my popcorn?
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    Hello all Trancefix fans :-)

    Welcome CyberTrance! Nice Profile pic, Plastic Angel is a beast. (y)
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    Second Nature - Ascension EP

    Thanks for the kind words! Does FSOE have music that sounds like this? Always felt their sound was way more modern than old-school. I was going for the classic trance vibe since very few artists produce that sound anymore.
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    Gouryella - Gouryella (Matt Fax Remix) [FLASHOVER RECORDINGS]

    Agreed! I thought he handled the remix respectfully, a chiller version and different vibe of Gouryella. I like the use of the Moog synths and the beat definitely gets my head bobbing.
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    Dream Traveler - Time [1998]

    Love the transition on 3:43 when it starts that vintage trance staccato. Thanks for sharing!
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    Second Nature - Ascension EP

    Hey Everyone, I'm excited to finally present some music I've worked on since last summer! The four track EP will be released slowly, one track at the end of every week until January 29th, so I'll post them here as they come out.
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    Chicane - Saltwater [1999]

    Timeless. The first Trance CD I listened to was Ibiza Euphoria, mixed by Matt Darey and this was the first song from CD2. I was in middle school and I instantly knew I was hooked to trance.
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    Was old trance good because it were simple ?

    I agree with lot of your points, with all kinds of media being produced at such a fast speed, the demand for more and more with a quick turnaround time cheapens the art. I'm sure that a lot of artists and labels feel the pressure to keep the attention of their audience.