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    OUT Naden - Solitudo [EDM Recordings]

    Nice track, reminds me a bit of Midnight Dancers wich i really liked too.
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    OUT Narel — Tensile [Forescape Digital]

    Great track Narel! Loving this techy side too.
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    OUT Pico Boulevard — Society (incl. Facade, Nomas, Obie Fernandez Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    I really like the original and for me it doesn't need a remix but if i would pick one i'd go for the Nomas remix. OP is missing the Obie Fernandez remix btw.
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    OUT Ki/KI - slash 004 - Leave It To The Vibe [slash.label]

    Nice >145 bpm trance. I think i like the rework best. Also available via Bandcamp:
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    OUT The Noble Six - Astral Projection [FSOE]

    Great track! Gave it a few proper listens and i am joining the positive feedback here.
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    New major change on Beatport: The Trance Genre is divided in two

    It's gotten so slow i use Google now to find something on BP. Great to see the genres now divided and reflecting the different sounds more.
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    OUT Airwave - It Rained All Weekend [Progressions]

    I have to say that i like it even though it's more house then trance but whatever. I don't mind any of the mixes.
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    OUT Airwave - It Rained All Weekend [Progressions]

    Its that period of time where in the northern hemisphere we get have a lot of rain. Inspired by this moment of the year Airwave got behind the controls of his studio and created this beautiful masterpiece in 4 different flavours.
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    OUT Driftmoon - Howl Me Tight [Pure Trance Neon]

    I hanve't liked any Driftmoon track for years now but this one brings back memories of their earlier work like Howl At the Moon / Bittersweet / Summerstone