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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Anyone know if these are available anywhere? At some point they were available digitally on Google Play but they don't sell music anymore. Can't find them for purchase...
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    OUT Sunlight State - Ursa Valley [Always Alive Recordings]

    Why though? Isn't liking it (or disliking it) using nothing but your own opinion enough? Having said that though, glad you appreciate it. Definitely my style of trance, too.
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    Mark Sherry - Sacrosanct [Outburst Records]

    What on earth is going on in that break? It's pure noise.
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    OUT Will Atkinson - Rush (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Yep.. Buy Rush by Will Atkinson on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC at Juno Download
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    OUT Sonic Element - Gone Again [Borderline]

    Great seeing Sonic Element back at it again. Hope there's more to come from him.
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    OUT Paul Denton - Ricochet (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [FSOE Clandestine]

    Great remix, though strange to see it on the Clandestine sublabel.
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    OUT Kebu - To Jupiter And Back (Inc. Talla 2XLC Remix) [ZYX Music]

    Talla 2XLC Remix: Original: I think Talla did a great job at keeping the original melody while still making a banging track.
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    Richard Durand - Ballad Of The Southern Sea [TBA]

    Not way too much, just the wrong things. Where's Insolidus and The Sacred Vine?! *grumpy*
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    Sonic Element - Memories Of A Past Life

    It was available on Sonic Element's Bandcamp sometime in 2020 or 2021 under his Lost Galaxy alias. Looks like it was only recently re-re-released recently.
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Stumbled upon some synthmetal, inspired by chiptunes
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    John Askew - These Dogs Trust No One [VII]

    I suppose this is how tech trance is but to me it sounds like noise. Doesn't sound like the kind of trance you could listen to at home, but I guess that's the point.
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    OUT Airbase - Idun [Record Union]

    Don't worry, for every post that contains criticism or a general dislike, there are hundreds of others that silently listen to your music and enjoy your melodies. Personally, this was one of my favorite tracks of 2021. From those of us that either grew up listening to trance or found your music...
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    Stoneface & Terminal & Robert Nickson - From The Sun [PURE TRANCE (BLACK HOLE)]

    One of the best tracks from the compilation. Can't wait.