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    Genres are a mess and no one knows what to do about it

    In a new development, John 00 Fleming has apparently persuaded with Beatport to get the genre 'Deep Trance' added to their options. His full post, which is interesting, can be read here. His points are valid enough and it's good that professionals of the scene are working with distributors to...
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    Only five Trance or Trance-related DJs left on the DJ Mag DJs list now

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a respectable international top list representing artistic success and quality again? I always loved following and observing these types of things in the early 2000s, when I first started following electronic. DJ mag was exciting and a valuable source of...
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    Omformer/Kineta - SPT005 [Space Trax]

    Clone drone is super nice
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    Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm [Album] [TF Recordings]

    Congrats on the release, you can tell a lot of care went into it and you tried to make something beyond your average 2022 trancer. I like the blend of track styles but need more listening time to decide what I like and dislike. First round through, I think it’s good. Been listening to a lot of...
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    Datura - Yerba del Diablo [1991]

    Cool find. The vocals distract me but the baseline and synths are infectious.
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    Oliver Prime - Radiance (2004)

    I don't think its muddy or muffled, but it is atmospheric because of the subdued and murky feeling he choose for the track parts. Its layered very well for its build too, it takes its time. Its an acquired taste this one, but I love it.
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    Solid State - Welcome [1996]

    Good, trippy and rhythmic track
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    Top 10 Best Albums of All Time

    My pal asked me this question recently and ended up making a list. If i'm notTrancing its exclusivly rock, metal and runge for me, with a pinch of Jackson. Metallica - Master of Puppets Michael Jackson - Bad Audioslave - Audioslave System Down - Toxicity Nirvana - In Utero Pink Floyd - Wish You...
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    Best Trance Tracks of 2022

    From the one and only
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    Trance artists who support russian war crimes in Ukraine

    It feels wrong for them to decide to play there, for partying and conscription of soldiers to invade another sovereign nation to existing at the same time, with the same people. I'm sure there are many Russians who don't like this war, I am sure of it, but it doesn't seem enough. I would love to...
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    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    We do really get our predictions wrong don't we haha. I didn't know they expected in the 70s to have town or city on the moon 30 years later. That definitely was an exciting time, they must have got carried away :) I don't think it's a fair comparison to what I am saying about AI and music...
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    Techno Favourites

    Oxia - Tam Tam Dj Lucca - Mirage (Umek Remix)
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    Jasper Williams - Breathe [2005]

    A beautiful trance and progressive combo. I don't know anything about this artist other than this great track. He may be south African as thats the country/label of release Breathe
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    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    Yes indeed :). But what makes this interesting is that not much prediction is required. The technology is already here and being implemented across creative fields. AI is already giving us intriguing and impressive results, all we do now is imagine it's progression across a moores law like...