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    Activa & Slipstream - Cassini [Pure Trance]

    Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix) is what this reminded me of instantly.
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    Get the Last Post

    Don't really know where else to post this, but since we're here for the memes, here goes. A few years back I decided to "remix" some of the Fluoro covers out of boredom. I did it again this year, so here's both artwork lineups: Full version here. Full version here. In true "we have...
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    DJ Kim - Time and Space (incl. Alphazone, Plasticmen mixes) [2003]

    Released: 2003 Label | Cat#: Waterworld Records | WWR014 Alphazone Remix Plasticmen Remix And here's the original mix, which wasn't part of this same release: The Alphazone remix is, perhaps unsurprisingly, my favorite of the bunch.
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    Astral Projection - Tryptomine Dream (+ Unbelievable Technology) [1999 / 2001]

    Released: 1999 (Another World) | 2001 (VA - Zeitlos) Label | Cat#: Trust In Trance Records (T.I.T. CD 019) | Waldorf Records (Waldorf Records 01) Tryptomine Dream Unbelievable Technology The reason why I posted these together is because Unbelievable Technology is the ambient /...
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    Peter Plaznik - Destroying Law EP (incl. Outlaw, Destroyer) [2012]

    Release Date: 18 June 2012 Label | Cat#: Discover Dark (Recoverworld) | DISDAR71 Destroyer Outlaw Destroyer is one of favorites from Plazo, but Outlaw is damn good too.
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    John Askew & Shelby Merry - When Darkness Comes [Black Hole Recordings]

    Although I wish there was a Dub Mix of this, it's one of the first vocal tracks in ages that I don't actually mind. Big fan of the lead.
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    Activa - Antimatter [2014]

    Release Date: 21 April 2014 Label | Cat#: Perfecto Fluoro | PRFLU049 My personal TOTY for 2014. Also released during the time when Fluoro had some of the best looking covers in the biz.
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    ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (incl. 9PM, Club mixes) [1998]

    Released: 1998 Label | Cat#: Kontor Records | Kontor035 Club Mix - in effect the 'original' mix, sometimes credited as the Clubb Mix. 9PM Mix - slightly more interesting than the original IMO. Sequential One Remix - not part of Kontor035, but in fact released later by Ministry of Sound...
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    John Askew - Plush [2014]

    Release Date: 14 July 2014 Label | Cat#: Perfecto Fluoro | PRFLU053 Blurb: Yes, this sounds like Johnny's other tracks. Then again, it does have one of my favorite release blurbs of all time. Posted mostly for the maymays, and definitely NSFW.
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    OUT Activa vs. Mac & Monday - A Light In The Dark [Borderline]

    Those bubbly acids pre-breakdown are the best part, along with the gating. Big fan of the PvD-esque sound, and I think it's a damn good first track for the relaunch. Also, welcome back, Borderline. About time.
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    Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha - If It Ain't Broke (Original, Willem de Roo mixes) [2011]

    Release Date: 28 March 2011 Label | Cat#: Enhanced Recordings / Enhanced Music | Enhanced089 Original Mix Willem de Roo Remix There was a lot of talk about this being the 'template' more or less for Enhanced during this period of time, which you could very much make an argument for...
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    OUT Trance Classics pres. Enigma State - In My Fantasy / Enigmatic [Enigma State Music]

    Bought the EP for above the 'sticker price' as it were, on Bandcamp. I know you can pay more, but as far as I'm concerned the 'default' pricing is downright criminal given the amount of work that's gone into both tracks. Never thought I'd hear this particular sound again, and certainly not done...
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    Oliver P - Lost Without You / Philadelphia (incl. Original, Karybde & Scylla mixes) [2010]

    Release Date: 15 March 2010 Cat# | Label: Enhanced046 | Enhanced Recordings / Enhanced Music Release notes Lost Without You (Original Mix) Lost Without You (Karybde & Scylla Remix) Philadelphia (Original Mix) Not the biggest fan of the Philadelphia's climax (or anti-climax...
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    Federation - New Religion (incl. Feed The Moth, Indecent Noise, Manmachine mixes) [2013]

    Release Date: 11 November 2013 | Discogs link Label / Cat#: Feed The Moth / FEED01 Release notes: Original Mix Feed The Moth's Indecent Resurrection Indecent Noise Remix Manmachine Remix I'm personally a much bigger fan of the dub mixes: Indecent Noise Dub | Manmachine 'Feed...
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    Fictivision - Out of Orbit (inc. Phynn's Jet Propulsion Remix) [ITWT / 2004]

    Hands down the original for me, as it has such a damn satisfying intro. Might be a little less known compared to Symbols or Ringworld but still great.