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    Scoop - Wings Of Love (Original Club Mix) (1998)

    Great tune. Although it's from 1998, it much more reminds me of some early trance tunes from 1993-1995 that incorporated elements from other genres such as happy hardcore.
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    Vana Imago - Tesi (1995)

    The whole trilogy is masterful (Tesi, Sintesi, Antitesi).
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    Sonic Inc. - Look Into My Mind [2000]

    Sonic Inc. was a short-lived formation created by two talented German trance producers in the early 2000s: Andreas Schmidt (most commonly known as Ace Da Brain) and Marcus Kreck (aka Marc La Cruz). One of the duo's earliest projects was The Taste Of Summer, which many of you probably know...
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    I'm looking for some help regarding my trance book (Discogs API, SQL, programming)

    I no longer need help with this, I managed to figure all the things out by myself after a lot of dedication. :D
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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    This a brilliant piece of electronic music. I discovered it roughly a few ago, and I've been listening to it daily since. Although none of the releases that feature this track are tagged with the 'Trance' label on Discogs, I would argue it is very much in the same vein and spirituality as some...
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    I'm looking for some help regarding my trance book (Discogs API, SQL, programming)

    I've made some significant progress on my own with the help of SyncWith. However, I cannot make API calls to get tracklists (artist + track name + track length) out of releases. So, let's say I want to get the artist name + track name + track length for the following release. How can I do that...
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    It looks like The Source Experience came out on CD after all.
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    Nostrum - Polaris [1995]

    Polaris is my favorite track from Bernd Augustinski (aka Nostrum), closely followed by Brainchild and Trance on Ecstasy. It is also among my top 10 favorite trance tunes. It was first released on the B-side of the EP 4 album in 1995. This track was born in an era when experimentation was at the...
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    Flutlicht - Icarus [2001]

    The Original Daedalus Mix is easily among the most energetic trance tracks ever created. The only thing that is somewhat surprising to me is how long it is. Generally, only those tracks tend to go above 8:30-9:00 minutes which are more slow-paced and invite the listener on a musical journey. And...
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    Mystic Force - Symphonik (1995)

    Symphonik is the name of CD2/Vinyl 4 of Mystic Force's Frontier album. It consists of six sub-tracks (namely, Lost To The Wind, Satellite, Symphonik, Ritmo Del Rio, Ashes, and Kalimba) that connect to each other seamlessly to form a larger tune, exceeding 21 minutes. Symphonik is a journey like...
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    Matt Darey - Feat - Marcella Woods - Beautiful (2000)

    It's definitely one of the stronger vocal trance tracks. Not quite top-tier, perhaps, but still among my favorites. 4.5/5.0 stars.
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    Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Inc Sunday Club Lens Over Atlantic Remix) (Platipus Records)

    Kaleidoscope (Sunday Club Lens Of Atlantic Remix) is one of the greatest trance tunes ever created. It's masterfully crafted from the very first moment to the very end. It's a deep, melodically rich, and varied musical voyage. It's ethereal, it's sublime, it's uplifting, and truly beautiful...
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    What Song Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

    The Green Court Remix of Dear Jessie by Rollergirl. It's borderline eurocheese/eurotrash, but hey, Green Court did the best it could with the source material.
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    Favorite imperfect/flawed tracks from the classic era?

    IT IS! Whenever the lady says E.V.O.L, I want to pull my brains out through my ears... And don't get me started on the 'melody' (LOL) that starts at 2:08. That just vaporized the rest of my brain cells.
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    I'm looking for some help regarding my trance book (Discogs API, SQL, programming)

    Thank you, I would really appreciate that! Using the API could potentially cut my work time in half. Just out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite early trance tracks?