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    Activa & Shelley Segal - Fall In [Black Hole Recordings]

    G&D sound is there, he got that right. Vocals are too poppy for an Activa track I think
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    OUT Ferry Corsten & Leon Bolier Feat. NBLM - Trust You [Flashover]

    Pop-trance done well, that lead synth is tight
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Returned back from a long month off hiking n camping and missed most of the UAP report release and responses in the media. On catch up it's safe to say the whole thing was a complete joke and insult to the American people. We at least got our Gov and Mil admitting to the average public that...
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Those expensive projects you mentioned make up a tiny percentage of scientific research. We’ll have to agree to disagree that projects like SETI or Hubble are reflecting any sort of norm in science. On a quick search Hubble and ARICEBO have given us many great discoveries and insights. You were...
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    What's on your mind today?

    My home town is next door to where the collapsed building fell last night in Miami, I know a lot of people in Surfside, it's a tragic state of affairs. Thankfully no one I know is hurt but really feel for the community.
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    Schiller - Ruhe (Inc. Ayla/Humate Mix) [1999]

    Great tracks, all of them
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Yes seriously. Just because science has given us the hadron collider it doesn't mean the scientific community is swimming in money, it's not. You don’t seem to understand how research works in the real world, even publishing papers can be expensive. Im not arguing its impossible for public...
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    UFOs and Aliens

    @Gagi how do you expect the scientific community go about studying the UFOs and releasing such a paper? What would the paper even be on? The military are the ones who have the fighter jets, the advanced radar systems and cameras, the expertise on vehicles and knowledge on the latest technology...
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    Alex Morelli - An Elixir For Existence / Sister Nightfall [JOOF]

    Sorry, what? Prog-house-rap is not a combo that should ever abuse our ears, that's a terrible idea. These tracks need something thats for sure. They're not even bad they're just nothing.
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    Airwave - Good Old Pal Anxiety [Bonzai Progressive]

    Good Ol Pal Anxiety is the one im going for, but only when im in the low key mood
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    Activa - Polestar [Black Hole Recordings]

    Good but hoping for a little more. The track doesn't have much emotion.
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    UFOs and Aliens

    I recommend watching the documentary The Phenomenon, it just came out and has a large segment on this event as well as others like it. It is hard to make sense of it I agree. Why would they tell children or humanity like this, when there are more effective ways? But the children were to the...