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    UFOs and Aliens

    Correct the conversions on UFOs were taking place as early as the 50's, you can find evidence that the US Gov and CIA took this very seriously back then, with more talks of high speed UFO's and their maneuvers. Quote below is from a memo that the CIA's Chief of Scientific Intelligence wrote to...
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    The Stupid Experts - Finding Space [Perfecto Black]

    Feeling it, but need a longer sample, might feel too basic over 6/7 mins
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    Stu McNally (aka Insert name) - Accessive Rhythm EP [Forescape Digital]

    Scorpion is the one that I like the most, followed by Accessive Rhythm.
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    UFOs and Aliens

    There was some photos I posted previously. You either believe they are real images or you don’t. You also saw the 3 pentagon videos, but also believed the data and testimonials on those cases to be lies from all involved. If I showed you a video right now of a UFO flying above New York and the...
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    TranceFix Radio #003 - "Energy plus Melody equals" by Magnevi

    Half way thought listening, this is some great uplifting music. If only ASOT was still like this.
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    UFOs and Aliens

    dmgtz9 you talk of conducting a peer reviewed studies? That requires results to be reproduced in a controlled environment, which is not possible with rare and random occurring aerial phenomenon. All you can do is acquire information and remove/confirm hypothesis by process of elimination. That...
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    Second Nature - Longing For The Infinite EP

    These are so cool dude. Seriously. Never Forget and Map Point are so old European at heart and I love it. Hard Trance feeling in a way, without that explosiveness.
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    The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Bruno Progressive Bootleg

    This is pretty rad man. Synaesthesia is one of my all time greats, dont think I heard a slower version like this before
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    Armin van Buuren & Maor Levi - Divino [A State Of Trance]

    The music I dont mind, the vocals I cant take.
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Isn't the opposite true? I'm talking about Fermi's Paradox, in which states that the size of the Universe is so large and the age so old that mathematically we should be seeing countless civilizations succeed in interstellar travel (however fast that may be). These would be active or relics. The...
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Also into this topic (a lot maybe) @Uplifted thats a funny post from Musk, I get his point. But you CAN find defined photographs of UFO's, but then the default position of that image would likely be received as photo manipulation. It's therefore hard to factor in photography and video into the...
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    OUT Sam Laxton - Rocha [Pure Trance NEON]

    Could be good at a show, production is nice.