1. sszecret

    7 Skies - Caffeine (incl. Genix Remix) [2010]

    Released: 15 February 2010 | BP link Label: Anjunabeats Cat#: ANJ155D Blurb: Samples: Original Mix (Preview) Original Mix Genix Remix Thought Caffeine deserved its own thread. Surprised it hadn't been posted already, or at least there's no thread that I could find. Wild that the...
  2. sszecret

    Activa vs. Revolution 9 - The Fall (incl. John Askew Remix) [2010]

    Released: 9 August 2010 | 26 April 2020 Cat#: BORDM001 | ACTMUS022 We've got BORDM038 - which kick-started the new cover design (and my personal favorite visual treatment to this day) -, and BORDM051 which ended Borderline's first run. Why not have the track that started it all too...
  3. Nerio

    MARIO LOPEZ - Sadness (2010)

    0:58, 2:53 these moments when "nothing" is happening i miss them. By the way, does anyone know the lady's name? Oh and longer Original Club mix:
  4. sszecret

    Oliver P - Lost Without You / Philadelphia (incl. Original, Karybde & Scylla mixes) [2010]

    Release Date: 15 March 2010 Cat# | Label: Enhanced046 | Enhanced Recordings / Enhanced Music Release notes Lost Without You (Original Mix) Lost Without You (Karybde & Scylla Remix) Philadelphia (Original Mix) Not the biggest fan of the Philadelphia's climax (or anti-climax...