Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia [2018]

    A beautiful record from the Canadian producer, one of my favourite Trance releases from the last decade, I prefer the 'ANF Virtual Music Mix' and 'Insect Reject'.. A1. Ex-Terrestrial - Mojave Skyline A2. Ex-Terrestrial - Mojave Skyline (ANF Virtual Music Mix) B1. Ex-Terrestrial - Insect...
  2. Uplifted

    Aly & Fila - ID

    Since 2018 Fadi has been playing this track in a few sets and I really hope this will be released in his upcoming album this year. The melody really touched me, even though the quality is poor. Hope it gets played at Luminosity this week. Aly & Fila - ID A slightly different version played...