1. T

    Armin van Buuren - Breathe In [2024 Artist Album]

    Just confirmed, new album by Armin van Buuren coming in 2024, called: Breathe In Wrapping up a particularly productive year that had the launch of his ‘Feel Again’ album as one of its unmistakable highlights, Armin van Buuren just announced the forthcoming release of his ninth studio...
  2. Gijs

    Trance Wax - Open Up the Night (Artist Album) [Armada]

    Trance Wax's second artist album, generally don't listen to his stuff but this release seems pretty diverse and unique. Really enjoying the trio of Adeya, Artificial Intelligence and Ascend right now and the rest sounds pretty good as well (even though a portion of it isn't trance).
  3. T

    Dirty South & Ferry Corsten - Carte Blanche [Armada Music]

    Sample here for now:
  4. Quethas

    VA - A State of Trance 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) [Armada]

    I noticed The Blizzard will have few tracks in the next ASOT compilation. Now, I personally think these have been average at best for years. It is the compilation series of the most popular trance(related) DJ though so it is worthy of topic even if this definitely won't get our collective...
  5. BS_BlackScout

    Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All [2009]

    Nothing at all...
  6. Archon

    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    A modern-era masterpiece from Eco. Lots of great sound-design, lots of great builds, emotional melodies, riffs and even simple swells - all of those can just produce shivers. Definitely something for the headphones and uninterrupted listening. Since it is one of my favourite albums of all time...
  7. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Jorn Van Deynhoven & Sue McLaren - I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) [Armada]

    Ghosted by Dennis Schimonik.