1. T

    Ben Theaker - Ishtar - Feedback request

    I used to make music for fun on old Keyboard Workstations like the Korg M1 and Yamaha SY85 but then work and family got in the way.... Fairly recently I started making music again this time using a DAW or course! This is the first track I 'finished'. I was going for a 2010 Trance vibe, not...
  2. Uplifted

    Tracks with female orgasm samples

    So far I've discovered 3 tracks with sexual pleasure samples 😏 Add more if you know some! This one I've discovered from John Askew's ‎"Lower The Tone" compilation, "Live As Fucking Fuck" mix. Arc In The Sky - Kissed (Original Mix) [2005] (starting from 3:55) Another one comes from John...