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    The story behind "Life Is Too Short" by Kai Tracid! [Interview]

    In the year 2001 Kai Tracid's track “Life Is Too Short" came out, which is based on a piece of music from Klaus Doldinger called “Flug Auf Dem Glücksdrachen”; A track which was used in the movie “Die Unendliche Geschichte", which is internationally better known as “The Neverending Story”...

    Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality [1997]

    No Kai Tracid thread on the forum, so here is my favourite tune from the guy. You can hear it clearly that the track was "inspired" by 'Seven Days And On Week'. I really celebrated the 'Tracid Mix' back in the days and I still have so much love for this version, the acid parts are sublime. Kai...