1. Progrez

    DJ Fire – Rendez Vous (2007)

    Great album made by L-Vee and I love the other tracks but to me that melody is what really stands out in this track. That hiccup electro sound nice I would remove the outro part but other than that I think it's a great track. After a string of hits under various guises alongside many different...
  2. Progrez

    The Green Martian – Dreams Come True/Citybird/ Reality (1999)

    Citybird - This is a hard track to find I think it's on available on vinyl. Reality Dreams come True
  3. Progrez

    L-Vee - Tears/Higher (1999)

    Higher Never heard tears before today an amazing melodic trancer
  4. Progrez

    The Lounge - Free Your Mind/Flower (2002)

    Free Your Mind - Sample from the Matrix 1 of Morpheus speech with Neo Flower