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  1. R

    OUT A-Tuu - Element [Independent]

    Hello everyone, This is a new Trance song I have released today. Following the previous songs, Cosmodrive and Beta-K, I challenged myself to write a better song in a shorter period. This track from conception to release took 6 days. I tried going for a slightly more relaxed and ambient vibe...
  2. R

    OUT A-Tuu - Cosmodrive [Independent]

    Hello everyone, These two new trance songs are my debut tunes under the alias A-Tuu, the A side Cosmodrive and the B side Beta-K. I have been sitting on Beta-K for a year, being my first Trance song that I have completed, but never felt it was a strong A side, that's why this month I managed...
  3. Uplifted

    Enigma State - New Original [Atari Trancer]

    Another fantastic track from Nath Stealy aka @EnigmaState - this time produced entirely on the Atari 1040 STE with Cubase 3! Enigma State - New Original [Atari Trancer] What an amazing breakdown \o/ \o/ \o/ Sounds like 2003-2006 Somatic Sense, or Fenology stuff to me 😍