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    Mindspace - Mindcontrol [2000]

    Lets have some good ol' Oliver Lieb.. TOP release Mindspace - Mindcontrol (Main Mix) Mindspace - Mindcontrol (Tech Mix) Mindspace - Mindcontrol (7Mix) These youtube versions are remastered, the vinyl version sounds much better.)

    Phools Inc. - Light It Up [2000]

    Long time no O.L. post, so here it is.. maybe some of you will like it, maybe some others not really, but this is a classic millenium Lieb. The 'dEEp Mix' is mine Phools Inc. - Light It Up (dEEp Mix) Phools Inc. - Light It Up (mAIn Mix)

    Saints & Sinners - Peace [1997]

    Sublime remixes from Oliver Lieb and Humate, the original version is a early Van Bellen production released only as a B-side in 1997. I had today the Lieb remix three times on repeat. Power bomb. The remixes are from 2001. Saints & Sinners ‎- Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix) Saints & Sinners ‎-...

    Illuminatus - Hope [1993]

    Huge classic, the Spicelab/Oliver Lieb Remix is pure gold and its maybe my most favourite Oliver Lieb production of all times! Illuminatus - Hope (Spicelab Remix) Here is the original Trance Mix for curiosity The Spicelab Remix was released one year after the original release, in 1994.

    Dove Beat - La Paloma [1997]

    Early Van Bellen production. This fits very well into my summer mood. The Ocean Mix is sublime. Ocean Mix Oliver Lieb Remix Power Dove Remix
  6. BladeRunner_

    Natious - Amber (incl. Oliver Lieb Remix) [1999]

  7. Taurec

    Paragliders - Oasis (1995)


    L.S.G. - Hearts [1994]

    A track from my all time TOP 3, this influenced my music taste really strong, big gamechanger, of course production by Oliver Lieb There was also the amazing 'Blueprint' on the release There is also a 2003 version of 'Hearts', maybe somebody will like it And there also exists a...
  9. Uplifted

    Paragliders - Paraglide (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    One of the best Oliver Lieb productions. Personally I prefer Humate Remix, which is simply outstanding. Blue Sky mix is amazing as well - it's faster and has a goa trance vibe. Paragliders - Paraglide (Original Mix) Paragliders - Paraglide (Humate Remix) Paragliders - Paraglide (Blue Sky Mix)