1. Julian Del Agranda

    Photon Project - Enlightenment / Illumination [2000]

    These tracks aren't the most well known classics perhaps, but they are simply mindblowing. They are both a sort of early preview of the sound that later in 2007/2008 would grow into a whole 'movement'. The orchestral-uplifting-'emotional'-plucky-blueman-soundlift-movement. This double single...
  2. Uplifted

    Afternova ‎– Serenity (incl. Remixes) [2010]

    Andy Blueman remixes of this track is most likely my all-time favourite trance track. Well it won't get out of my top 3 till the end of my life :D Absolutely everything Andy produced till 2010 is GOLD. He might not be the first ever orchestral trance producer but in my opinion noone has came...