1. Altair

    Altair - Frozen Fire

    This is my first fully original track in almost four years, and the first I made using all four of my hardware synthesizers. My favourite music always elicits certain environments in my head, so I aimed to capture more or less the same that's in the artwork. I also went for some Jon Hopkins...
  2. Uplifted

    Liquinoid ‎- Substance (incl. PPK Space Club Mix) [2003]

    Found out about the original track only yesterday thanks to Lange vinyl set. Amazing track and the only one made by russian guy Kirill Pojev. Liquinoid ‎- Substance (Original Mix) It was released on Uplifto Records and also got a remix from it's owners, famous by their hit "Resurrection". I...
  3. Uplifted

    Mike Koglin ‎- 1:1.618 (incl. Pulser Remix) [2005]

    Brilliant release from Mike Koglin. Pulser remix is my favourite here, it's mysterious atmosphere reminds me of "Arc In The Sky - Vainqueur (7AM At Heaven's Gate Mix)", one of my favourite tunes. Mike Koglin - 1:1.618 (One To One Point Six One Eight) (Original Mix) Mike Koglin - 1:1.618 (One...
  4. Uplifted

    Paul Miller feat. Manuel Le Saux - Sunny Day (incl. Remixes) [2007]

    Original track is one of my favourites from both of these guys. Reminds me a lot of TrancEye sound, one of my favourite ever trance producers. Just check out that breakdown from 3:15, it's out of this world! Paul Miller feat. Manuel le Saux - Sunny Day (Original Mix) Paul Miller feat...
  5. Uplifted

    Mike Shiver ‎- Feelings (incl. Remixes) [2003]

    An underrated track from Mike Shiver. Love his stuff. But I have to say Cosmicman's remix is probably my favourite Matti Laamanen creation along with his track called "Live"! Mike Shiver - Feelings (Cosmicman's "Meesah" Remix) Mike Shiver - Feelings (Harry Peat Remix) Mike Shiver - Feelings...
  6. Uplifted

    Afternova ‎– Serenity (incl. Remixes) [2010]

    Andy Blueman remixes of this track is most likely my all-time favourite trance track. Well it won't get out of my top 3 till the end of my life :D Absolutely everything Andy produced till 2010 is GOLD. He might not be the first ever orchestral trance producer but in my opinion noone has came...
  7. Uplifted

    Jon O'Bir - Ways And Means (incl. Remixes) [2008]

    Vandit beauty 🥰 My favourite Jon O'Bir production. Original does it for me! Jon O'Bir - Ways And Means (Original Mix) Jon O'Bir - Ways And Means (Paul Van Dyk Remix) Jon O'Bir - Ways And Means (Neal Scarborough Remix)
  8. Uplifted

    Vascotia ‎– Calibro (incl. Sonicvibe Remix) [2004]

    Sonicvibe remix is a definition of proper uplifting trance. Somatic Sense in all its beauty! \O/ Vascotia ‎- Calibro (Sonicvibe Remix) Vascotia ‎- Calibro (Original Mix)
  9. Uplifted

    Samuelzone - Intox Rox (incl. Sean Tyas Remix) [2006]

    A masterpiece from Jesper Samuelson. Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Original Mix) Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Sean Tyas Remix)
  10. Elysium013

    Armin - Communication [1999]

    Surprised this wasn't here yet, or at least I couldn't find it! The original 1999 version is the best but the parts 2 and 3 from the 2000's are also pretty great. The original release also had VDM's remix in the back: