perry o'neil

  1. Progrez

    Randy Katana - Tribal Shock (Includ. Perry O’Neil Remix) (2004)

    Perry O'neil remix Original Mix which I don't particularly like.
  2. sashamlenik

    Super8 & Tab - First Aid [2005]

    Very first collab of Super8 and Dj Tab. Truly masterpiece from finnish duo. Remix from Perry O'Neil also amazing but I prefer original version. Enjoy!
  3. Pinguin

    Locust - Aerospace (incl. Probspot Remix) [Motion Music] [2005]

    Rare gem from Dutch progressive master Perry O'Neil under his Locust alias (mostly for higher BPM stuff, but only two tracks released: this and Mind Circles with St. John) with a very blissful remix from Sweden's Probspot. Never released on digital/streaming platforms (as of today). The Probspot...
  4. Pinguin

    Mark Otten & Perry O'Neil ‎- We're Not Innocent [Electronic Elements] [2007]

    Mark Otten Mix Perry O'Neil Mix
  5. Pinguin

    Audioholics - External Key (incl. Perry O'Neil Remix) [Electronic Elements] [2005]

    Original Mix: Perry O'Neil Remix:
  6. Muzikxpress

    The story behind "St. John vs Locust - Mind Circles" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    Last week I sat down with Perry O'Neil for 2 interviews for my YouTube channel. In the first interview we spoke about Perry's very first ever release; "Mind Circles", a beautiful trance track which came came out in 2003 under the project name "St. John vs Locust". Part 2 will be online soon...