planet uterus


    OUT Planet Uterus - Blue Turtle [Planet Uterus]

    another 'soundcloud only' album release from 'planet uterus', sadly this time without a tracklist: very solid creative trancey atmospheres, not all melodies are my cup, but overall its a pretty decent album 8.5/10 Planet Uterus - Blue Turtle

    OUT Planet Uterus - life [Planet U]

    Planet Uterus - life (beautiful (no matter what)) TRACKLIST: 01. Im Rausch Der Tiefe 02. The Day After Tomorrow 03. About Leaving 04. Elevate This 05. Floodgate 06. The Luring of the Beyond 07. Closedgates III 08. Take Your Time 09. Psi 10. Trippyaf 11. Upstairs 12. Climber 13. Light Flooded...