Spacer IV - Arc 3 [1995]

    The follow up to 'Arc 1' and 'Arc 2', produced by the legendary JS. aka James Zeiter who produces Dub and Ambient Techno in these days. 'Arc 3' was also licensed to 'Green Martian' in 1996 and also to Talla's label 'Tetsuo' in 1997. Spacer IV - Arc 3
  2. Uplifted

    Tracks with female orgasm samples

    So far I've discovered 3 tracks with sexual pleasure samples 😏 Add more if you know some! This one I've discovered from John Askew's ‎"Lower The Tone" compilation, "Live As Fucking Fuck" mix. Arc In The Sky - Kissed (Original Mix) [2005] (starting from 3:55) Another one comes from John...