1. Sleepy Robot

    OUT DR S7R4NG3 & Alex Starsound - The 8 Tones (incl. Alice London, Hedustma & The Digital Blonde Remix et al.) [Infused Sound]

    There are 8 remixes but there seems to be no original mix but that's usually the case with these Alex Starsound releases. I mainly like the chapter 1, 4 , 7 and 8 mixes.
  2. Julian Del Agranda

    Cool remixes of 70's 80's 90's classics

    Hi guys, This topic is a little sidestep from trance. Although trance remixes are deffo allowed if you know cool ones. In this topic I'm looking for cool remixes of old pop hits/classics. Preferred genre: just regular house-dance. Or EDM/future house. Anything mainstream-ish. Some examples of...
  3. Elysium013

    Three Drives - Sunset on Ibiza [2001]

    Incl. the Above & Beyond remix which is honestly one of their best remixes for me, but the original has its own classic feeling of course.
  4. Elysium013

    Armin - Communication [1999]

    Surprised this wasn't here yet, or at least I couldn't find it! The original 1999 version is the best but the parts 2 and 3 from the 2000's are also pretty great. The original release also had VDM's remix in the back: