sebastian brandt

  1. james864

    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    What a beautiful track 💖 Any info when it finally comes out ?
  2. sashamlenik

    Sebastian Brandt - Mana [2012]

    Sebastinan Brandt made amazing tracks especially during releasing on Armada. One of them, of course, Mana. This track taking part in ASOT 550 Anthem Contest, but wasn't selected, unfortunately. True trance anthem. So beautiful melody and motive makes me kinder everytime I listen it. 8 years ago...
  3. sashamlenik

    Sebastian Brandt ‎– Ashes / Fabricator [2011]

    Excellent release from Sebastian Brandt in his best artist times on Armada. Still in love with "Ashes". Absolute banger and truly trance classic although nine years since release.