1. Enlusion

    OUT Enlusion — Reminiscence EP [JOOF Recordings]

    More lengthy previews will be published on Monday. It took me 11 years to sign an original track on JOOF Recordings. I stopped producing music back in 2021 after another unsuccessful attempt but when John asked me to do a guest mix for JOOF Radio it was the moment where I thought I'm gonna try...
  2. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Basil O'Glue - A Forest Fable (incl. DRKSLSH & Slavlotski Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    New tracks from Basil and remixes by Slavotski and DRKSLSH. All are very enjoyable even though techno is not one of my favorite genres. Btw: Does anyone know who's voice it is in the Slavlotski remix? I think it's the same one as in say Game Of Life from Airwave but its used in other...