1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Slipstream & Sonic Element - Forgiven [Pure Trance]

    Probably the best tune from Pure Trance 10 ❤️ Huge work from George and Fotis ❤️ I wish that it could be released on vinyl edition, instead of Robert Nickson’s track :(
  2. Julian Del Agranda

    Atlantis vs Avatar - Fiji (Incl Lange Remix) [2000]

    I discovered this great classic today. Atlantis is an old alias of 'Slipstream', who has a track on the Movement compilation. The original is cool, but the Lange Remix is the best version for me. Proper golden-age trance. Lange Remix (from 2000): Original (from 1998):
  3. sashamlenik

    OUT Slipstream - Every Situation Is Temporary [Borderline]

    Release date: 17.03.2023
  4. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Slipstream & Sonic Element - What Defines Us [Borderline Music]