super8 & tab

  1. sashamlenik

    OUT Super8 & Tab vs Factor B - From Way Back [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    Release date: 07.05.2021
  2. sashamlenik

    Super8 & Tab - Suru [2007]

    "Suru" - finnish word that mean "sadness". If you're listened original version, you're understand this feeling. Super8 & Tab in their best years. Truly trance classic which never get bored. Not matter how many times you're listened it. This track makes me feel nostalgic, makes me sad. But this...
  3. Pinguin

    Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy [Anjunabeats] [2011]

    One of their best works yet and one of my all-time personal favorites in modern trance. Taken from their 2010 debut artist album Empire. I personally prefer the Club Mix over Rank 1 remix (which is also good). :) Extended Mix: Club Mix: Rank 1 Remix:
  4. BS_BlackScout

    Goldenscan - Of Our Times (Incl. Remixes) [2003]

    First, the Super8 Remix :D, one of my personal favourites back in 2019. OG: Other Remixes:
  5. BS_BlackScout

    Paul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You [2003]

    The most known mix: The Vandit one... My favorite (re)-mix of this track by Cirrus as featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2... Also, Super8 & Tab.