the thrillseekers

  1. Z Dobrej Woli

    The Thrillseekers - Adjusted EP01 [Adjusted Music]

    So… in August 2023, Steve wrote this thing: After his Tranceformations (Poland) set, he announced: This one is confirmed as a new track from upcoming EP and it’s so magical ❤️ 17:24 I totally recommend the whole set ✌️ I will update the thread when there will be more news about it :)...
  2. james864

    The Thrillseekers - ID [TBA]

    Brilliant track !!
  3. A

    Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) Appreciation Thread

    Had to start this one. Steve Helstrip, better known as The Thrillseekers is definitely one of the biggest legends of the Trance scene. So many gems from the past 20+ years under the various aliases he has used. A true flag bearer of the classic trance sound and still going strong with his latest...
  4. A

    The Thrillseekers vs. Sam Mitcham ‎- All The Little Things [2014]

    One of the best from this "era".
  5. sashamlenik

    The Thrillseekers - Savanna (Incl. Remixes) [2010]

    Love The Thrillseekers original version. Such a guitar.
  6. Pinguin

    OUT Witness Of Wonder - Emotion In Motion (The Thrillseekers 2020 Vision Mix) [Adjusted Music]

    Single release from Steve Helstrip's forthcoming 2nd installment of Reconnected which is out on 14.12.2020 through his Bandcamp page. :)
  7. Pinguin

    Connected with The Thrillseekers

    Episode 54 (February 2022) Launched on May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Live directly from Steve Helstrip's home studio in York, England, UK (most episodes mixed in vinyl). Broadcasts every Wednesday on his Twitch channel @ 9PM (UK time) / Thursday @ 5AM (PH time)...