trance classics

  1. TJY001

    Tom Yelland - The Journey (Episode 187)

    1. Tilt featuring Zee - Butterfly (Mechanism Mix) 2. Marcos - Odyssey (Alternate Mix) 3. Sunda & ByDesign - Pillars 4. Sunbeam - Outside World (Bart Skilz & Weska Remix) 5. Trance Wax - Distance (Coast 2 Coast Remix) 6. Transa - Carla's Theme (@EnigmaState Remix) 7. Activa & John Dopping - It...
  2. R

    Classic Uplifting Trance

    Dear Friends A few years ago I created this track in uplifting classic trance style. I started listening to it again and I started to like it a lot. It's not at FSOE quality, but at that moment I tried to give my best. I hope you enjoy it! Best regards, Brandt Hoff
  3. M

    Hidden Treasures

    OK, I won't make a post of every mix series I do, but this series is my absolute favourite! :) Started about 3 years ago when I was full on the ID challenge on some Facebook groups. I always loved the lesser known tracks, to play as secret weapons, to surprise people and make them discover...
  4. Marcel

    Lassy - Trance Classics Mix (2006)

    Lassy - Trance Classics Mix (1994 - 2000) 01 BT - Mercury And Solace (BT 12" Master Mix) 02 Airwave - Venus Of My Dreams 03 Kamaya Painters - Northern Spirit 04 Humate - Spacetribe 05 Lustral - Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix) 06 The Ambush - Everlast 07 Velvet Girl - Velvet (Original) 08...
  5. Julian Del Agranda

    Magnevi - Legacy of Trance Podcast [048]

    The guys from recordlabel 'Legacy of Trance Recordings' love to look back at the old gems and classics. The name of their label probably made you expect nothing less. They asked me to provide one of their monthly podcasts. So here is the mix I made for them. Lots of wonderful classics. Some of...