trance (raw / deep / hypnotic)

  1. Sleepy Robot

    F-Act & Allan McLoud - Another Day / Sounds Like Music [JOOF Aura]

    Nice release. Liking both tracks but Sounds Like Music the most.
  2. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Remotif - Close Your Eyes and Count to One (EP) [Goddezz)

    Another great release from Remotif. He's definitely exploring some new sounds here, but the creative energy really shows through on this release. My only gripe is that this particular sound can be a little hard to pair with other tracks, though it's still welcome to see a great producer...
  3. Sleepy Robot

    Gordey Tsukanov - Coming in a Dream / When You Hear [Forescape Digital]

    New release for Gordey on Forescape, it's been a while , i think it was a remix for Basil. I'm liking these calmer deeper melodic tracks.
  4. Sleepy Robot

    Ormus - Muladhara [Forescape Digital]

    Very hypnotic. Ormus also has some good tracks on JOOF.
  5. T

    Stiky Flaw - Bright Lights

    This is imo the best and most underrated recent release please comment some similar tracks
  6. Enlusion

    OUT Dreamcast — Reversed Signals [Forescape Digital]