trust in trance

  1. sszecret

    OUT Astral Projection - Cosmic Projections Collection (Vol 1) [Trust In Trance]

    Release Date: May 14, 2023 Label | Cat#: Trust In Trance | N/A This seems to be a collection of older and newer tracks and remixes, though not quite as cohesive as Goa Classics Remixed. Still, here's what's on it (I'll add the label and original release year next to each of these): 01. Astral...
  2. sszecret

    Astral Projection - Tryptomine Dream (+ Unbelievable Technology) [1999 / 2001]

    Released: 1999 (Another World) | 2001 (VA - Zeitlos) Label | Cat#: Trust In Trance Records (T.I.T. CD 019) | Waldorf Records (Waldorf Records 01) Tryptomine Dream Unbelievable Technology The reason why I posted these together is because Unbelievable Technology is the ambient /...
  3. sszecret

    Astral Projection - Chaos [2002]

    'Let's have some Chaos in the Classics section, shall we?' - is what I said on old TF when I posted this. Thought I'd say it again as a throwback comment (or really mostly because I'm too lazy to come up with anything else). Also yes, I'll never not post an Astral Projection track here...