1. Katadunkass

    TranceFix Radio #002 - Origins by Magdelayna

    Welcome to this second episode of TranceFix Radio - this episode it mixed by none other than the UK DJ and tranceproducer Adam Rodziewicz, also known as Magdelayna. Last year he released his artist album Anthology II and he's the man behind one of the most viewed trance remixes on Youtube by...
  2. Admin

    TranceFix Radio - New YT Mix Series (Inc EP 001)

    Hey guys, we are pleased to announce that TranceFix is now rejuvenating our Youtube Music channel and launching a new concept; Trancefix Radio. Here we will be releasing high quality mixes spanning across all eras and styles of Trance, Prog and general hypnotic electronic music, created and...
  3. J

    Sights & Sounds 004 - Ad Lib (SoundLift Remix)

    I've been a fan of trance for 20 years. Any chance I have to include trance music in any of my projects, I love to do it. I present my new series below called Sights & Sounds. I go on bike rides and enhance the visual experience while having a trance (or progressive) song playing in the...