Advanced Civilizations - Beyond the Matrix EP [Test Of Time]

A. Greene-Aileen N.
Release title
Beyond the Matrix
Label name
Test Of Time
Release date
May 8, 2024
Release type
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Jul 21, 2020
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New release from the 'Test Of Time' label. the posted tracks are my picks. feel free to post the other two tracks if you like them)
The programming for our series of digital releases has been compiled and uploaded. Speaking through an earthly vessel, Advanced Civilizations taps into our collective consciousness to deliver the universal truth. Painting soundscapes of parallel timelines adjacent to our own. Distant whispers intent on elevating our existence. May you live long and...

Advanced Civilizations - Beyond the Matrix EP [Test Of Time]
1. Advanced Civilizations - Peacewalker
2. Advanced Civilizations - Regener8
3. Advanced Civilizations - Beyond The Matrix
4. Advanced Civilizations - Cybernetix

Advanced Civilizations - Regener8 [Test Of Time]

Advanced Civilizations - Cybernetix [Test Of Time]


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Jun 27, 2020
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Regener8... one of the best I have heard all year! Loveeeee


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Jul 19, 2022
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While I really like this EP and will cop for sure, I do wish the tracks were driving more to a peak. The soundscapes are nailed for sure, but they lack a cohesive drive for me that would bring these up a notch. Still, great release that adds a sound I don't hear much in this scene.
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