B from E - Amnesia [Haŵs]

Frej Levin
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Jan 19, 2024
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Jul 21, 2020
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super soulful trancey 'Dream House' to be released soon

B From E, the enigmatic producer from Denmark has been turning heads and rocking parties across Europe, showcasing his amoebic demeanour via his all-encompassing sets and rave-centric soundtracking. The Danish darling has found his sonic home, in deep digging for rave-tinged 90s garage and breaks, and channelling them into his own concoctions, using their educative, lucid inspiration. ‘Amnesia’ is the culmination of his latest musical direction, threading the twines of acid debauchery and old-school beats through a groove-tinted prism. B From E helps you to forget about your future, and live in the hallowed past.

The title track ‘Amnesia’ takes no prisoners from the word go. Sitting somewhere on the fence between Gat Decor and Kamaya Painters, the ceaseless melody transforms from phase to phase, thematically touching melodic, acid and trance virtues and encapsulating pure rave sensibility. Track 2 is the oddly named ‘Ootheca’, a downtempo acid-driven creation of polymorphic vitality. Drawing influence from classic 90s house as denoted by the mellifluous chords and arpeggiated keys, the result is a head-nodder of unstoppable nature. Third up is ‘Symetrix’. Cranking the journey into 6th gear, the overtly intense arrangement waxes and wanes, underpinned by pumping percussion and an unapologetic bass refrain. Rounding the EP off is ‘Prophecy’, a deep foray back into the downtempo realm, once more ringing truer than true with B From E’s crystalline 90’s influences and breaks majesty.

Let this music soothe you. Nothing we remember is ever forgotten. And everything forgotten is gone. ‘Amnesia’ is the light at the end of your tunnel. Or maybe it's just the beginning.
https://soundcloud.com/hawsmusic%2Fhaws024 B from E - Amnesia
A1. B from E - Amnesia
A2. B from E - Ootheca
B1. B from E - Symetrix
B2. B from E - Prophecy

B from E - Symetrix [Haŵs]

B from E - Prophecy [Haŵs]
B from E - Ootheca [Haŵs]


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Jun 27, 2020
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Sounds pretty decent, but I wouldn't say the musical ideas pique my interest.


Dec 24, 2022
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Dream like house music. Symetrix is the standout but Amenesia has some nice Trance moments.


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Jun 27, 2020
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Thanks for the bump. I overlooked this one too. Still love Hive from him last year and this ones pretty decent too. I like the chill Ootheca and Prophecy the most I think, but the other two are good as well. Nice sounds used everywhere.


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Jul 21, 2020
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I really liked 'Symetrix' in the beginning of the promotion, now 'Ootheca' and 'Prophecy' are the winners, I can't wait to play those somewhere outside in the summer!


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Jul 19, 2022
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btw 'Amnesia' takes the inspiration from the 'Speedy J' classic 'Country & Western - Reincarnation'

Country & Western - Reincarnation [Zebra Records] 1993
I’m so glad you figured that out b/c this track was in my head listening to it and I couldn’t remember what track it was.


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Jul 14, 2020
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Thankful for the bump as well!
I wouldn't have picked up on this otherwise!

It's definitely Prophecy for me, I'm vibin to it.

Man this is gonna be sweet listening,
during those warm summer sunsets. :)

Dreamy goodness with some sparkling refreshment.
So relaxing and soothing.