DJ Recharge - The Love Theme/Moya


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Sep 26, 2020
The Love Theme was a try to explore more darker melodic techno, something I call a filler song, definitely needs a bit more work, but I fully expect to revisit all my best songs for final polish for a full album release I am planing.
Moya is basically what I learned from The Love Theme and it's my little masterpiece of the month. Very melodic and ethereal. One of the rare occasions I've spend a lot of time crafting very fine details like the hi hats- total 4+ shaker from time to time making a very fine rhythm you can see in the second drop or the outro. Into the drops I bring orchestra and violin sections and after the second drop I let them play and it's omg. Overall still might need work but as 1 day song very happy with the results. I admit arpeggio is a sample lately I feel I've been stuck writing very similar arpeggios, so I decided to use some sample to enhance the atmosphere. I could of let the small melody that turns into small arpeggio alone, but felt it needed a little extra something.

Overall I plan making one more song and starting slowly prepping all my best songs for release by reworking small details into them and some fine tune mixing and mastering.

Not sure if anyone enjoys future beats/bass, but this is my first song where the song follows the vocals, and again some fine details in the hi hats. Also from this week.
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