Enigma State - Sacred Art [TBA]


Jan 17, 2021
Sounds better than your remix of Stoneface & Terminal but it needs some work but I do like those melodic synths during the breakdown and the intro doesn't sound right.

BUt it does a million times better than anything Armin or all of other sellout producers and djs play on their show. The intro requires some work though but good effort.

What 90's equipment do you use? Do you use a old computer as well? I would love to make productions using old studio setups I hate the modern look where it's all neat, tidy, trimmed down, lean and structured and all perfect kinda kills the creativity out of it IMO

I have the best of both. Modern and old.
Cubase 12, but can also go right back to Cubase VST32.....and even further back with Cubase 2.0 on the Atari.

Authentic old skool synths and an old 90s Akai sampler and an analog mixing desk.
It's hard work and so much easier just producing in the box.