Hemstock & Mercurial Virus Vs D10 - Cronos [Hard Trance Europe]


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Jul 1, 2020
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Top selling trance artist Les Hemstock (of Hemstock & Jennings notoriety) makes a play for Hard Trance Europe alongside seasoned producer D10/ Merecurial Virus, and a techy uplifting explosion is the result. 'Cronos' packs in classic dutch power stabs, chunky synths and carefully programmed percussion thoughout, and us an instantaneous win for the trancefloors of 2024. A loud and exciting entrance from mr Hemstock on HTE, we're sure you'll agree?

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Dan Holden

Feb 20, 2024
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Was expecting something like Crimson Soil but was disappointed.

Wouldn't be expecting that quality unfortunately. Especially as no involvement from Jennings

Not been impressed by Hemstock releases over recent years (unless I've forgotten a couple - which says it all)
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Jul 16, 2020
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It's more about those other two names I think, not the greatest melodic hard trance, but not the worst either. Definitelly not on the level of Renegade System or Scot Project.


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Sep 13, 2020
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They used similar choir like in Mirage...to be honest, I quite like it overally, good one 7/10
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