Jenn Johnson - You're Gonna Be Ok (Key4050 Remix) [TBA]

Jenn Johnson
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You're Gonna Be Ok (Key4050 Remix)
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Jul 21, 2020
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Initially Key4050 has been a strictly instrumental, hard, raw and techy trance project. Their "Tales From The Temple" album was good.
But then "i LoVe yOu" emerged, which doesn't contain that raw energy and is a typical cheesy and commercial vocal Bryan Kearney tune with the vocals which don't differ from any pop music I hear on mass media.
Armin's "tier 1 TrAnCe fAmiLy" loved it and of course it climbed up to the top of ASOT radioshow.
Now we have "i LoVe yOu Part 2" with the same whining vocals which make my ears bleed 🤮
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