OUT N2O & Waves On Waves - Cry For Freedom [Oxidised]


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Jul 1, 2020
N2O & Waves_On_Waves 'Cry For Freedom' incorporates themes of invasion, war, refugees, resistance, and a desire for peace. The track was created in direct response to Russia's unlawful invasion of Ukraine. The resilience of the Ukrainians provided the inspiration that the track attempts to capture, while offering the message that even as fire rains down, it is better to make love, not war. Lyrics like 'with my hands bound before a firing line, they'll never stop my voice or change my mind' underscore the necessity of resisting evil at all costs and the fact that even if the enemy were to prevail, he could never conquer the minds of the vanquished. Overall, the message of the track is that it is better to die fighting for freedom than it is to live under tyranny - this is our 'Cry For Freedom.' We stand with the people of Ukraine in their decision to make it.

Lovely progressive from Nitrous Oxide