Natious - Flashpoint (1999)


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Jul 20, 2020
First heard this on the Gatecrasher Disco-Tech compilation in 1999 and it blew me away. It's still in my top 10 ever, and it's all about the Christian West's 'Feel' mix 1. An amazing crisp production with sounds and effects like they were produced by bashing and rubbing together bits of stainless steel. Then there is the tranquil piano breakdown before the powerful metallic main synths. An amazing journey of 10:35.
Activa named this as one of his all time favourites in the TF interview and it's easy to see why. He also named Christian West (real name Christian Parkinson) as one of his favourite producers. The crispness of the production is something Activa focuses a lot in his tracks.

The Christian West Feel mix 2 (video is mislabelled) is pretty good too though not the same league as mix 1.

The original mix (video again mislabelled)

And finally the excellent CD 2 of Gatecrasher Disco Tech featuring many classics, including the first release of Rank 1's Airwave in the UK.

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