TranceFix Radio #14 - Psychedelic Pathways - Mixed by Hoplite


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Jun 27, 2020
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Alright, listen here everyone - we all know December is just around the corner. "All I Want For Christmas", "Last Christmas", "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and perhaps even "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" will be played constantly on your local radio station and who knows, they might even find a way to blast it out in the open when you sleep; You know, just for fun! But not here! Here we grab you by the balls (respectively) and begin firing up that engine - there's no Christmas in Trance and Hoplite makes sure of this, in the 14th episode of TranceFix Radio!

"But oh no, dear TranceFix, what will be played then!?" - well, damnit, look at the name of the episode! Hoplite is about to take you to a place that usually only hallucinogens can, bamboozling your ears and mind, likely showing you colors and shapes your mind can't even comprehend yet. He will open your third eye and make you see into the 5th dimension. By the powers of Psychedelic Trance, he will make you believe your Christmas tree actually caught fire, but worry not, it's just two trillion colours flying around, warping space and time.

When Einstein wrote down his General Theory of Relativity it is a well known fact he listened to Psychedelic Trance while doing so and to honor his name and every single harmless substance out there, we give you - HOPLITE

01. Juno Reactor - Jardin de Cecile
02. Oprofessionell - Psy-TB
03. Alan Backdrop - Void Fertile
04. Phony Orphants - Papa Chango
05. Ezy - Freeform Rabbit
06. Omniself - Meeting Your Omniself
07. Judson J. Eiloart - The Gods Of Noise
08. Middle Aged Man With A Machine - 432
09. Ben Reymann - Synthesized Society
10. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Afterbite
11. Cosma - Find Out
12. S-Range - Dimension Jump
13. V-Tech - Mystique
14. Noosphere - Carpe Noctem
15. Alpha Tracks - Trouble In Tahiti
16. DJ Tool - Puzzle Box
17. Paranoic Sensations - Full In
18. Technossomy - The Joker
19. Miranda - Green Man
20. Mikkel Rev - Journey To Oblivion
21. Oprofessor - Dimension Expander (Safe Travel Mix)
22. Children Of Paradise - New Cop
23. Ekkel - Rotmos
24. Mystic Target - Rlung Rta
25. Lund&Ronde - Deep Sleep
26. Lasse Vind - Cirith Gorgor
27. Darshan - Tranceformations
28. Orichalcum - Wicked Mile
29. Organic Noise - Spastic Elastic
30. DJ Bondefar - Ice Worm
31. Exponential Explorers - Growth Hacking
32. Bamboo Forest - Step By Step
33. California Sunshine - Tokyo Underground

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Jul 15, 2020
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I really would like to have timestamps for these. Of course you can live with tracklist, but it would make it easier to check which this awesome track actually is. Especially when you are "somewhere in the middle".

The beginning sounds lovely.
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Jul 7, 2020
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Finally got around listening and loved it all the way. I do agree we could use timestamps here. when u don't know any track it's hard to pinpoined where exactly you are in the tracklist.
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