Paolo Visnadi
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Four Journeys
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Jul 21, 2020
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Magical EP produced by 'Paolo Visnadi' who is responsible for the 'Euro House' smash hits 'Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Life' and 'Livin Joy - Dreamer'

'Four Journeys' was released on the legendary 'UMM' aka 'Underground Music Movement'

'Space Travel' is the masterpiece here:

Visnadi - Space Travel [UMM] 1992

also 'The Last Travel' is absolutely beautiful:

Visnadi - The Last Travel [UMM] 1992

the youtube channel '2trancentral' made an extendet version of 'The Last Travel' in 2019:

Visnadi - The Last Travel (hypnotic Re-Edit)


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Sep 24, 2020
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It's tracks like these that keep me returning to this golden corner of the internet.