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    OUT Kamaya Painters - Far From Over (Vision X Remix) [Nocturnal Animals Reworked]

    Nocturnal is a Label run by RAM Right ... Dont want to click on this
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    Where do you live/come from, and whats it like there?

    Hello is this Thread only for people from the EU Nations? i posted on the intro page . I was born in Mexico( Alot of Trance Fans there) Yet i came to the States as a young Kid at 3 years old. I live in California its always Sunny and Hot:D
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    Magdelayna - Accessing Your Memories [2015]

    found it . (y)(y) :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    One for the Vinyl (and CD) DJ’s/Collectors [TRANCE]

    my last trance vinyl purchase?? 2011😢😢😢😢 an ASOT SAMPLER
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    Magdelayna - Accessing Your Memories [2015]

    can you post we live a Lifetime(y)
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    What other music do you listen to (if anything) out with Trance?

    For me ..Honestly its Trance 24/7.:):), I can respect other genres because music is a universal language . But for me i wake up to Trance, take a shower in Trance Go to work in Trance. Comeback and repeat :cool::cool:
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    Robert Nickson - Spiral [2004]

    I am new here guys !! Am i doing this right??
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    Allow Me to Introduce My Self

    First name is Hugo . I live in the States , I started following Trance in the Late 90's . My first Trance Cd i bought was Robert Miles Dream Land and after that i was always searching for anything Trance music.At that time i did not have Internet so i would only buy what was under the...