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    Ralphie B - Cayende [Serendipity Muzik]

    I've been saying shit for over 15 years now. Generic boring shit
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    OUT Activa & Shannon Hurley - Return To Life [Black Hole]

    Awful vocals with no dub version avalible. To underground for the avarage trance listener and to fucking cheese for someone who listens to real trance.
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    OUT Coast To Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Maarten De Jong Remix) [WAO138?!]

    Home is remembered only because it was made during the days when trance sounded completly different because of the samples and sounds being used. If it was made today it would be forgotten in no time. The same with 99% of all other tracks made in the old days. If they were made today no one...
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    Pablo Gargano - The 4 Seasonism EP [JOOF Recordings]

    Meh, boring. Lacks drive just like everything else made today
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    The Immortals ‎– Mortal Kombat [1993]

    This track is da fucking shit!!!!
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    Daniel Lesden & Enlusion — Dark Entity (incl. Cosmithex, Facade, Fuenka Remixes)

    Fucking quality release! Glad that Facade hasnt abandoned his style yet
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    Kid Vicious - Re-Form / Tiesto - Suburban Train

    Kid Vicious fucking sucks, never heard a good tune from him. The Tiesto version is a fucking masterpiece compared to the boring original
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    Accessive Rhythm - Activate (2001)

    Its alright, all the elements sound good but way to repetetive
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    Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix) [2001]

    Dub version is better. Why do you think its weird Armin played this back then? This is how trance sounded, this is what trance djs used to play. It mihht be hard to imagine considering how much of a fucking joke trance has been for the past 14 years
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    Ormatie - American Girl [2009]

    The only good version is the unreleased one. Fuck me, such a shame that coldharbour sound died back then
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    YLEM - Tonkin Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)

    This is real trance, definetly grabbing this.
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    Theres on average,33 trance releases a DAY....

    The scene is a utter fucking joke. Back in the days you had to make quality tracks in order to get a release. Today anyone can make anything and get it released
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    IanT & Liquid dream - evening falls

    Sounds exactly like every other trance track released for the past 15 years. Congratz!