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    Mental health

    You can snap out of that very easily with facts and statistics. I wouldn't worry about it. The media and the big corporate giants are weaponising this by fear mongering the people with misinformation. Climate change in the way it is portrayed by them is all a lie, a theory that is alot of...
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    Mental health

    I've had depression and anxiety for years but I manage it so much better these days. I use Music Therapy and Herbal Therapy and it really does work. I also got myself a puppy earlier this year too and since I've had him I'm alot happier these days as I go on long walks to beautiful places along...
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    Niklas Harding pres. Arcane - Red Jewel (2006)

    I've been listening to lots of Trance from 2006 lately. This one is such a memorable classic. That euphoric sound and that pumping bassline :love::cool:
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    Hi Everyone, I used to be a member on here years ago under a different username. I was very active around the late 2000s. I thought it was time to make a return. I miss making friends with those who share the same love for Trance music. I'm still in contact with a few I made over the years but...