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    Maor Levi - Reflect / Illumina [Anjunadeep] [2007]

    one of my all time favourite releases! was fascinated by the bassline in "illumina". have the vinyl :D
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    celebrating ASOT 1000?

    hi guys! back in 2007-2014, i was a true follower of the ASOT radio, listening to every episode at least twice. since then, my interest in trance/asot has decreased quite heavily, but since i started to listen to old episodes of ASOT (2004-2005) during gym sessions, ive regained some interest...
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    Trancefix Archive - The OLD Trance Forum Top Tracks

    hehe, i have fond memories of all those tracks... i like looking at forums' top lists - seems way more organic than for example ASOT's top 20. and btw, i predicted the top 5 for 2013 and won a shitload of prizes :D
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    The story behind "Wave Force" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    Thanks for this interview! So fascinating hearing stuff like Mark Otten was part of Wave Force, and how little the scene seemed back then... "Yeah just went to M.I.K.E's studio over the day"
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    Three Drives - Air Traffic [2003]

    aaaaaaah this is one of the tracks that really got me into trance! i remember hearing this when i was about 12/13 years old. such a tune!
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    Evbointh - One Wish (incl. Daniel Kandi & Mark Andréz Remix) [Anjunabeats] [2007]

    original is so smooth i could cry. one of my fav releases on anjuna for sure! "black stones" is also something very special. too bad he only released, like, 3-4 productions?
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    Markus Schulz - Daydream [2007]

    original mix for the win! i remember sitting on the asot-forum on the summer of 2008 and this got played by avb - forum went totally wild :D mike efex also made an unofficial more techy remix, which i also enjoyed. great track, and a huge release as well
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    The story behind "St. John vs Locust - Mind Circles" by Perry O'Neil [Interview]

    i saw your interview with sunny lax regarding PUMA, which i loved. this one is great as well! fun to hear the stories behind huge tracks. keep up the work!
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    i remember totally falling in love with this remix when it came out. such a beautiful tune!