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  • B&W PX7 S2 are my new favorite headphones in the world with a Warm/Dark signature and perfectly balanced sound tuned for Trance, Progressive, Psy, and Vocal trance with zero distortion/harsh highs (Awesome ANC support with both wired and wireless mode). Everything sounds so silk and clear amazing instrument separation, particularly Activa sounds even cleaner/refined.
    They both easily destroy Sony/Bose/SkullCrusher bass and sound clarity wise (BT5.0/AAC apple codec, 60 hours battery life) I know AAC isn't even 320 but BT5.0 does the magic here and you don't need Sony's LDAC lol its all a placebo marketing codec so save your money and get the ultimate headphones for Trance music because they rock with or without bass-boost feature and its not just some ordinary bass-boost EQ.
    The Black version is the updated model so they fixed the treble and ever so slightly reduced the thump from the sub bass but it's still VERY huge in the bass and sub-bass department I try not to even use the black version unless I'm up for critical listening/perfection all round and kinda waiting on the red one to give up / develop hinge issues or something first but so far very sturdy.
    If you want bass heavy headphones for Trance music then get Anker Q10 Black if you can find it for perfection otherwise red should suffice too but the treble cutoff is slightly extended on the red ones so they're kinda perfect for 3 in one Music, Gaming, and Movies also the red one has slightly stronger SUB bass power so psytrance type bass lines and tracks with huge sound stage mastering gives a nice punch.
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