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    Lostly - Saudade [Subculture]

    I believe from Lostly's stories that this will be released on Dec 1!
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    Lostly - Saudade [Subculture]

    I can't get over how nice this track is - preview from instagram: Lostly on Instagram: "Rain, please don’t stop. . . . . . . . #trance #lostly #trancefamily #ableton #trancemusic #homestudio #dancemusic #trancelife #studiolife #trancelovers #tranceaddict #abletonpush2" Played in a recent JOC...
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Does anyone know the story/reasoning behind Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony (Deserves an Effort remixes / Gabriel & Dresden Remix / etc) not being found on stores/streaming portals? I can only see the Original / Matthew Dekay remixes on Spotify and even that is regional to US/Canada I believe (I...
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    OUT Pierre Pienaar - Amira [Magic Island Elevate]

    A very nice Balearic, summery tune from Pierre Pienaar. Some classic Chicane / Gouryella influence here!
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    Will Atkinson with JES - Long Way Home (Will Atkinson Club Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Pitched down big time on ASOT, I believe I saw a comment that its 145 BPM, so maybe this set-rip will give you a better idea. Really love the sound and influences here - you can hear Nalin & Kane - Beachball in the bassline, and also the Adagio for Strings drum fill going into the breakdown...
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    OUT Sunlounger feat. Susie Ledge - On The Other Side (The Remixes) [FSOE]

    Too steroidy for here but we tried to mix up the synth sound design and I think the vocal is extremely catchy (albeit, poppy) ;) The progressive mix might be more to taste for the folks here from Paul Thomas & Fuenka
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    Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche (Magdelayna Remake)

    Nice one - its a really beautiful piece of music and the composition is very 'trancey' overall! It really is a gigantic piece with alot of different movement and changes as well so you can pick and choose which parts you want to use and which you want to re-arrange. Always an interesting...
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    Sunlounger - Hello Sunrise [Black Hole Recordings]

    Updated with release date, store link and cover art. Out next Friday, just played on ASOT!
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    OUT Yelow & Ad Astra - Blankensee [Coldharbour Recordings]

    Thanks for sharing it here :) Theres also a Markus Schulz ISOS Rework from ISOS 16:
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    Yelow - You & I (incl. Sunlounger Remix) [Magic Island]

    Original Mix Sunlounger Remix
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    OUT Armin van Buuren & AVIRA - Mask EP [Armada]

    Illusion really gives off the Stephan Bodzin - Strand vibes (i.e. jump to 3:15 or so - similar arp runing in the background, bass wobbles & bass pattern sound)
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    Sunlounger - Hello Sunrise [Black Hole Recordings]

    Debut from Roger's guestmix on Global DJ Broadcast last week. Chillout mix will be in ISOS16, with the club mix coming later on Black Hole. Absolute magic of a track - just gives you that perfect goosebumps Balearic feel like the old material, but a bit darker and fuller. Release date: Feb...