1. BladeRunner_

    Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil [1994]


    Harmon Eyes - Iodine Sky EP [1994]

    Harmon Eyes is my favorite alias of Peter Benisch, he made 3 records under this name in 94-95, all released via 'Loop Records'. In his early days he also collaborated with guys like 'Adam Beyer', 'Jesper Dahlbäck' aka 'The Persuader' or 'Joel Mull'. 'Desert Landscape' is my favourite from the...

    Pon Farr - Farr 1 & 2 [1994]

    Petar was only 21 years old when he made this record, 'Farr 2' is my favorite. The release came out on 'Adam & Eve Records', where 'RMB' and 'Marc et Claude' signed their first records. Pon Farr - Farr 2 Pon Farr - Farr 1 (Parallax Mix)
  4. BladeRunner_

    The Boy From Nowhere - High Life [1994]

  5. BladeRunner_

    Spicelab - Spice Is A Fulltime Occupation [1994]


    Aurasfere ‎- The Greenhouse Effect EP [1994]

    It was never very usual that I liked more than 2 tracks on a EP, maybe thats the reason why I love this release so much. Produced by a New York house music legend Dennis Ferrer. Tell me whats your favourite from the EP. Mine is 'Sunrise On Epsilon': Aurasfere - Terrasuave Aurasfere - The...

    Illuminatus - Hope [1993]

    Huge classic, the Spicelab/Oliver Lieb Remix is pure gold and its maybe my most favourite Oliver Lieb production of all times! Illuminatus - Hope (Spicelab Remix) Here is the original Trance Mix for curiosity The Spicelab Remix was released one year after the original release, in 1994.
  8. BladeRunner_

    Unreal – Phenomenon [1994]


    Resistance D - Skyline [1994]

    One of the 'more trancy' tracks on the legendary Harthouse label. The main melody in the 'Bytes Mix' is absolutely fantastic: The Eternal Basement Remix was pretty sweet
  10. BladeRunner_

    Atlantis - Awakenings [1994]


    Borgia - Mandrake [1994]

    Another alltimer, a strong one. I had this track on a tape released in Czech republic, but it can't be found on discogs or anywhere on the net, so I wonder if it was a official release. This track has everything what I love on club music, its raw, melancholic, spacy. In 2020 Supernova...
  12. BladeRunner_

    Avalone - No Proper Time Of Day [1994]

  13. erickUO

    Caunos - Herzsprung EP [1994]

    Classic Bodzin & Huntemann + Scherbel Caunos - Herzsprung 1 Caunos - The Rhythm Caunos - Chilliwack
  14. Hensmon

    Quazar - Sunflower (1994)

    Beautiful and smooth Trance experience. Label = Seven Stars Recordings