Darren Price - Blueprints [1996]

    Soulful Techno tune from the legendary 'NovaMute' label, where also guys like Richie Hawtin, Speedy J or Luke Slater released their stuff. Imho the track would also fit in a old school Trance dj mix.) Darren Price - Blueprints
  2. Gagi

    Technology - Electronicly Entertained [1996]

    A stunning pair of tracks made in collaboration between Geert den Heijer (AKA Red) and Armin van Buuren (AKA Armin van Buuren). Armin's tracks from that period are massively overlooked, yet stunning in their own ways. Just listen to both tracks, what a strong release. Beautiful music. I cannot...
  3. Nerio

    Vortex - My Command (1996)

    Today i find this
  4. Uplifted

    Astral Projection - Mahadeva (incl. Remixes) [1995]

    One of the iconic psytrance tracks from the legendary Astral Projection, my favourite goa trance project ever along with Man With No Name. I always considered goa trance as the purest form of trance - and this 1995 version would be still amazing and fresh-sounding after hundreds and thousand of...
  5. BladeRunner_

    Soluna - Dancing Spirit [1996]

  6. BladeRunner_

    L.S.G. - Firefly

  7. BladeRunner_

    DJ Quicksilver ‎– I Have A Dream [1996]

  8. BladeRunner_

    Robert Miles - Children [1996]

    The track that made me fall in love with trance music.